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We will teach you a new awareness of your mind, body, and spirit. We believe that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in each discipline. We take a very balanced and open approach to physical fitness and yoga. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes, and goals.  

Root Pilates Studio at 315a Main St, Bandera, Texas

Donna Foster came to Yoga from an extensive background in the fitness world ... she is a Registered Power Yoga Teacher (RYT).  Her desire is to empower people to open their mind and body to the full potential that resides in each of us,  whether we are seven or seventy.

Donna believes that a Power Vinyasa (flow) is the safe and most effective way to attain strength, cardio, and flexibility training ... all in a one hour class.  Her Yoga classes are modified to all fitness levels, and she is very excited to have you join her in experiencing one of those 'Aha' moments!

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Yoga Classes in Bandera

At Downriver Yoga, our mission is to empower people through Yoga.